That Night ( DJ, producer )



That Night´s actual 90 minutes DJmix "C90" unveils passion for noisy electronics and classic avant-releases with a touch of pophistory. After one That Night original title "Schaltwarten" the mix leads through a pleasant and competent selection of originals by delighted performances from David Byrne, Arpanet, Drexciya, Suzanne Ciani, Edgar Froese a.o. combined with young veterans like Hype Williams, Pye Corner Audio, Burial and Valanx the C90 tape enrolls as classic mixtape quality. The edition of 20 copies has been dubbed on new tape before assemblied in the tape-cartridges of the original C90 blank series. That Night´s C90 Mixtape is available via A-Musik.

Eurythmics - Julia (That Night version)